Health & Well-Being

Bullying – Zero Tolerance

We have zero tolerance to bullying at Stanhope Road School. We take this very seriously and will investigate any incident that is reported to us. We intend to eliminate these hurtful behaviours and request that parents report any incident via email to Mrs. Bristow (Associate Principal).

School Sickbay

All of our office staff hold current First Aid Certificates. Any child that is sick or injured and comes into the sickbay has their name and details entered into a logbook.

Health Clinic

We have a Health Nurse who runs clinics out of the sickbay. Teachers, staff, or parents can refer children or children can refer themselves.

School Life Coach

Nada is our School Life Coach, her role is to support students, their families and staff during times of challenge or difficulty in their school or personal lives eg bereavement, bullying, friendship/family issues or if they simply feel stuck in their thinking or behaviour and find it hard to move forward in a positive way. Students can arrange to chat with Nada by talking to their classroom teacher or Mrs. Bristow (Associate Principal).