Whānau Groups

How it Works

Each student is a part of a whānau group. Within this group, students get to know other students from all over the school, working together to sing chants, develop teamwork, and verse other whānau’s in a range of activities and challenges. Led by their whānau leaders, students work collaboratively to earn points for their whānau- either on whole school competition days or within their own teams/classes.

Whānau Competition Days

On the days where whānau events are held, students are encouraged to dress up in their whānau colours and work with students from all over the school to help earn points for their whānau. Events vary, and include: chant offs, team-building days, fun runs, inter-whānau challenges, and more!


Each week the whānau points are collected, and at the end of each term, the whānau with the most points WINS. To celebrate their fabulous teamwork and dedication to their SRS family/whānau, this group gets their very own celebration day and a prize just for them at the end of the term.

Whānau Champions

Over the entire year, all points are continually added, and the whānau with the most points at the end of the year is crowned the WHĀNAU CHAMPIONS! This whānau wins the whānau trophy and has their very own whānau celebration day! They also become the whānau to beat!